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It's on this Friday! If you want to get the low down on how to approach child sleep holistically, join our founder Mar Oscategui, author of "Awakening Through Sleep", founder of the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, International Maternity & Parenting Institute and Physical Awakening on Friday February 5th at 10am pst/1pm est. Whether your expecting, have an infant, toddler or older child, the information shared on this webinar supports all. #awakeningthroughsleep #holisticscienceofsleepmethod
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Online Webinar: Holistic Science of Sleep Method for Adult & Child Sleep

February 5, 2016, 10:00am

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Holistic Science of Sleep Method™

Mar Oscategui, founder of the International Maternity & Parenting Institute, Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, Physical Awakening and author of Awakening Through Sleep introduces “Holistic Science of Sleep Method™” (HSS Method). The Holistic Science of Sleep Method™ is an adult and child sleep system that combines Holistic Thinking and Application with the Scientific Method to provide […]

Awakening Through Sleep: An Integrative Child Sleep Foundations Solution

After birth, sleep is usually the next largest challenge for a family. How we address this as professionals and parents can lead us down a path of ease or frustration. Infant and child sleep carries with it not only so much controversy but also in many cases causes overwhelm, stress and a loss of family […]

Making Assumptions About Children’s Sleep

by Ann Caird, IMPI graduate, mentor and founder of Nurturing Sleep Resolving baby and child sleep problems is an emotive subject at the best of times! There are many different approaches, theories, strategies and so much debate. It can be very confusing trying to tease out which theory or approach is best for your family. […]

The Mother:  The Effects of Mothers’ Stress on the Parent-Child Relationship and Sleep

by Kel Whittaker, Certified Maternity & Child Sleep Consultant   There is an internal self-struggle for many women as mothers. The mother instinctively wants to do everything right for her child and devote all her energy into that. However, the woman’s sense of self can suffer. This internal conflict of guilt can manifest to behavioural […]

Why Your Prenatal Folic Acid Might Not Be Enough…

by Jess Sherman, Registered Holistic Nutritionist Every woman of child bearing age is generally told to take 400mcg of folic acid daily.  Current government recommendations still hold that a deficiency of folic acid during pregnancy can lead to neural tube defects such as spina bifida in babies. While research still does support the need for adequate […]

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